Under Armour Connected Fitness

Under Armour updated their blog to house a new lighthearted web series for their multiple brands.


Under Armour connected fitness brands

About the Project

Under Armour exists to advance human performance. After taking two of the biggest fitness digital communities under their wing, they decided to open up the conversation between these online communities and real-life athletes on a unified blog. The project involved designing a safe space for people to anonymously ask questions of personal trainers, dietitians, and running coaches alike. We needed to figure out the tone of voice alongside the design so that it wasn’t alienating to the established communities.

initial sitemap and pre-production storyboard sketches

Branding Problem

Under Armour knows that its brand has a tough and gritty “athlete” style that wouldn’t work with every brand under its umbrella. We needed to create a new personality that was approachable, educational, and lighthearted.

Also their communities were fractured. They needed a cohesive user experience that allowed people to bounce from each brand seamlessly.

blog redesign

Branding Solutions

We designed and developed a new UI for their existing blog that was brighter and cleaner because the large variety of content needed to be easily digestable. It needed to be flexible enough to cover recipes to fitness routines, all while moving back and forth between each community.

“Ask a trainer: About trainers”

And we launched a video series called “Ask a Trainer.” For the art direction, we wanted to contrast the rough gym look with lighthearted, quirky humor. We pulled in some of the communities’ most asked questions from the blog posts’ comments and answered them with these videos.

“Ask a trainer: About running"

"Ask a trainer: about machines"


Creative Directors
Andrew Bui
Madde McDowell

Strategy Director
Chris Ferrel

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